When it comes to the bathroom, the decoration must be careful chosen. It must be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It is not necessarily easy to accomplish all these requirements, therefore we’ve prepared some tips on how to choose beautiful bathroom decorations items.

1. Install a built-in cabinet

Add storage space to your bathroom with a built-in cabinet. The spacious wall cabinet gives you easy access to its contents. If you have a small bathroom, a good tip is to opt for mirrored doors. Mirrored doors add volume to a space, therefore your bathroom will appear more spacious.

2. Brighten your bathroom with mosaic tiles

Changing the tiles of your bathroom will give the impression that it is brand new. Mosaic tiles can also add a touch of color; choose a pale blue for a Mediterranean design or brown/yellow to get a more rustic feel.

3. Towel holder

You’ve probably noticed the trend of putting a small ladder in the bathroom. The ladder can be used as a towel holder, magazine rack or a support for various items or even for shoes. You can recondition an old ladder and paint it white or gray, to give it a more vintage look. It can be used both as a decorative object and a functional object.

4. Blue decorations

If you have a bathroom in neutral colors or white, you can use blue decorations for storage boxes, shower curtains, towel holders, toothbrush holder or for bathroom mats … All these small blue decorations will make your bathroom appear more fresh.


Seashells are an ingenious way to decorate your bathroom during the summer. In combination with sand or colored pebbles, seashells will give your home a fresh atmosphere.
A bowl filled with seashells is an interesting method to decorate. If you have a larger shell shaped like a bowl, fill it with smaller shells of various sizes and colors. You can also add sand, pebbles, beads or colored glass.

6. New towels and shower curtain

The faded old towels are not exactly attractive in a modern bathroom. Replace the towels with new ones in colors such as purple, burgundy, navy etc.
Also, you can replace the shower curtain with one in a nice color that would complement the ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

7. Dried Flowers

Purchase some dried lavender, roses or other flowers that have a pleasant fragrance and put them in a bowl on a bathroom shelf. These flowers will look great in a classy bathroom.
Also, the flowers can be placed on a small tray with pebbles in the same shade of the flowers and with some bath salt.

8. Storage baskets

If you’re looking for a unique but modern way to store things in the bathroom, baskets of different textures or shapes are the best option. In them you can put care products, cleaning products, cosmetics and bath towels.

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