The bedroom is an important area in the house, a special and personal space that you want to decorate in your own way. Since the background is very important, you can use the walls as a canvas and create beautiful bedroom wall décor ideas using simple and effective items that will become wonderful decorations.

Love messages on the walls

If you are looking for novel bedroom wall décor ideas, you can choose to write love messages above your bed’s headboard. Write “I love you” above your partner’s side of the bed to surprise them and let them know how important they are to you, or a funny message like”Always kiss me goodnight” to remind them never to go to bed without giving you a kiss. These personalized decorations will add even more intimacy to your bedroom and it will be a one-of-a-kind wall décor.

Printed wallpaper

You can decorate the walls in your bedroom with wallpaper and you can find in stores all kinds of prints with flowers, shapes, landscapes, hearts or butterflies. Depending on the rest of the background and the interior style in your bedroom, you will surely find a wallpaper that will suit your tastes.

Photo collage

If you have many couple photos or family photos, you can create a cute collage in a heart shape and place it on one of your bedroom walls, so that you will always remember the funny and happy moments spent with your loved ones.

Framed fabrics

Look for a cute piece of fabric that matches your bedroom décor, perhaps the same that your curtains are made of, and frame it to create special and unique paintings. This simple and inexpensive wall décor ideas will add joy to your bedroom.

Mirror arrangements

Mirrors are also great bedroom wall décor ideas, especially if you choose mirrors in various shapes, like hearts or butterflies. You can even place many small mirrors to create an arrangement on the wall that will add depth and dimension to the room.

Colored bottles

Who said bottles are supposed to stay on the table? You can create great bedroom wall décor ideas using some colorful bottles filled with your favorite flowers that you can attach to a piece of wood and place them on the walls to create unique decorations.

Touches of color

If you want to focus on colors, you can choose to paint the entire bedroom in white and choose a wall to paint in a strong color to create a focus point of the room. You can also choose to draw lines, stripes or splashes of color on a wall for a more joyful aspect.

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