When it comes to flooring, wood is one of the most appreciated materials owing to the fact that it has a unique color and structure. If you are planning on making an investment, then you should opt for parquet because nit can offer you all the advantages of wooden flooring. After all, it represents collection of wood pieces that are joined together for a decorative effect. Although until this point parquet was available unfinished, solid wood flooring is now available in prefinished version as well. Additionally, the parquet prefinito prezzi is considerably lower. There is no doubt that the planks will add beauty to your home, but there are slight differences between the two options. So, which one is worth your money?

Difference prefinished – finished

Prefinished signifies that the planks are stained and finished in the factory, which is also commonly referred to as “job-site finish”. Since the flooring is already finished, it is protected against dust and other foreign particles. On the other hand, unfinished is as the name suggests it, meaning untreated. This means that you will have to have the floor finished on site, following the installation. Unfinished wood planks are more difficult to deal with, since it is necessary to make numerous decisions in terms of both planning and preparation.

The advantages of prefinished parquet

Prefinished parquet is much more convenient because the installation costs are significantly lower. Additionally, they do not make very much mess, which can be extremely advantageous if you have family or pets and cannot get them out of the house. This type of flooring will not prevent you from entering your home for days and even weeks at an end. The pre-applied coating ensures you will not have to deal with dust. Applying the finish at the factory also saves you money in terms of labor, since you can do the work by yourself. While the effect may not be the same as unfinished flooring, you will definitely notice the difference, reason why it should be your number one choice.

The advantages of unfinished parquet

Although prefinished parquet is the most popular choice, you should take into consideration unfinished flooring too. What can it offer you? First of all, unfinished flooring provides a uniform color and finish, not to mention that if you are looking for specific widths you may not find them in prefinished version. This type of flooring comes in very handy when you want to create the right look for a home that has a distinctive architectural style or when you are required to create a match for the flooring in your home.

The conclusion

Well, the obvious choice is prefinished flooring because you can install it in about two hours, this means that you will not be required to stay at home in order to complete the various stages of the on-site finishing job. Besides this, the factory applied finish is incredibly durable, lasting for a lifetime. But maybe you are one of the few persons that actually enjoy the hassle associated with on-site finishing. The main point is that it all depends on your preferences.

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