Glass mosaic tiles are not the first choice when it comes to home decoration. Unfortunately, many people are virtually afraid of using these manufactured pieces even though they make an excellent choice for living spaces. Mosaic glass adds colour and balance to any room, whether the kitchen or the bathroom, and it offers countless possibilities in terms of decoration. Since their appeal has increased, so has the number of Ottawa tile stores. Since these hard-wearing pieces are very versatile, they can be incorporated in all your designs.

High aesthetic appeal

Although tiles are usually manufactured from material such as marble or stone, hardened glass is the most popular choice. The reason for this is that glass has reflective properties and this gives the pieces a translucent quality. This luminosity immediately grabs the attention, not to mention that the glass pieces frequently have a metallic shimmer making them even more appealing to the view. In addition to this, stores make available pieces in all sorts of colours and shades. The secret lies in selecting the right color and size for the space you are decorating.

Where to use glass tile

Bathrooms and kitchens are usually decorated with glass tiles. Rectangular and square pieces are the most frequently encountered choice because they are relatively easy to install. There is no limit to what you can achieve with a little imagination. Mosaic pieces used in the shower change the natural feeling of the space because they give you the impression of bathing in in the nature. You can mix white and blue tiles so as to create a rainfall effect. In order to create a waterfall effect, choose natural colours. Bolder colours like green will make the walls stand out and create a sort of jungle-like environment. On the other hand, you should not limit your decorating to the bathroom. The kitchen too can be a good place to install mosaic glass because it enhances the décor and are waterproof as well.


Since glass is a non-porous material, it is resistant to stains and damage. Therefore, it is more than suitable for places such as the kitchen where mold and moist tend to form. You will not need to spend much time cleaning the wall material. All you have to do is get a cloth and remove eventual dust build up. While easy maintenance may not be the most convincing argument for style lovers, it certainly is for housewives.

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