Using a mobility scooter can be very helpful for all people who suffer from mobility impairments, regardless of the gravity of their disabilities. However, there are a lot of things to consider when buying such a vehicle. You have to pick the right model and you must get a mobility scooter insurance. Moreover, moving from one place to another can be difficult for mobility scooter users who have to face door bridges and thresholds, so if you want to make things easier for your loved ones, you should consider installing ramps in your house. Don’t worry about bulky ramps ruining your interior design, as there are many elegant models that can help you maintain a stylish decor.

Getting the right mobility scooter assistance

The simple addition of a threshold ramp to your doorway will allow mobility scooter users to go wherever they want. Getting proper mobility equipment assistance will eliminate all inconveniences, as the elderly, or the disabled won’t longer be limited in their choices. Therefore, you should consider adjusting your house to meet the needs of a mobility scooter user, and ensure easy scooter access throughout the entire home. Depending on your necessities, you can opt for ramps that can help you get into a house, a building and a car without making any efforts. These convenient supplements can be seen as sloped areas that enable ongoing movement of mobility devices, but you must keep in mind that they are not all the same. Take note that the most important aspect that you must consider when searching for an access ramp is the level of gradient. Furthermore, specialists recommend the use of longer ramps instead of shorter ones, because they will accommodate a scooter easier.

Which are the most elegant mobility scooter ramps?

The inclination of ramps is what matters the most when searching for a reliable scooter assistance, but design is also important. Giving the wide range of models that exist on the market, you have the possibility to search for a stylish product that will allow you to maintain a classy home design. Here are the main types of ramps that you can choose between:

  • Portable ramps

These are the most practical ramps, because they can be folded and carried everywhere they are needed. They are used for over passing moderate obstacles, offering scooter users a solution for door thresholds and some entry stairs. If you are searching for an elegant ramp, this is the best choice for you, because portable ramps are made from aluminum, so they feature a stylish finish. They are very light, and they come with a slip resistant track for enhanced safety.

  • Stationary ramps

This type of ramps includes wooden and modular ramps. While wooden ramps can be easily damaged, modular ramps feature a sturdy construction, because just like portable ramps, they are usually made from aluminum. If your house features a country design, you can opt for a wooden ramp to provide your loved ones with more accessibility. However, make sure that it can support an adequate weight, unless you want it to break just when someone is using it.

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