Seniors need some home improvements and adjustments that will ease their living and help them feel safe and independent inside their houses. The stair lift is such a device that allows seniors to fend for themselves while being a decorative item that can add a touch of elegance to the house. If you care for the aspect of your house, you can choose a sophisticated stair lift design that will beautify your staircase.

Elite Stair Lift

This beautiful stair lift is a real work of art, with stunning finishing and impeccable detailing that combine elegance with the most reliable operation. This stair lift will complement your home with its fine aspect and high-quality materials. With a superior styling and craftsmanship, the Elite stair lift is more of a piece of decoration than a mechanical device, although it perfectly serves its purpose. This chair stair lift reflects taste and passion for beauty through its combination of sophisticated design, white metal frame, and quality leather seat. The vertical rail that gets installed at the bottom of the wall and the arms and seat that flip up offer generous space for family and guests who do not need to use the chair lift. The generous swivel seat offers remarkable stability, safety, comfort and space thanks to the adjustable armrests and multiple seat heights, depending on the needs of the user. The precious design matches the elegant interior of any house and offers extra style and beauty to the staircase. The Elite stair lift is also available in a curved version to suit any curved staircase, with the flexibility of being able to mount in on either side of the staircase. Moreover, according to numerous positive stairlift reviews, this unit is easy to use, very safe and performs exactly as advertised.

Picasso Stair Lift

If you read any stairlift reviews, you probably know by now that flexibility and comfort are very important for these devices, as is safety. When you think of flexibility and versatility in stair lifts, the Picasso stair lift is the first item that comes to your mind. Thanks to the variety of models of seats and colors available, Picasso is perfect for any home interior and will add a touch of style to your staircase. You can choose from Elegance, Basic, and Classic seat design, depending on your preferences, in Bordeaux Red, Anthracite, Beige, Cocoa Brown or Cream shades. The stylish upholstery of the Elegance seat will offer you a luxurious feeling, the Basic seat design gives you affordable convenience while the Classic design resembles stylish comfort. No matter the design and the fabrics you choose, this model of stair lifts will safely and comfortably transport you along the staircase thanks to the swivel seat, the folding feature, the adjustable seat and armrests and the easy-to-use joystick that commands the device.

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