When you decide you are going to need a dryer to have your clothes dried in less time than the usual, you can opt for the electric type that works on regular energy and requires no adjustments of your household’s electricity supply. Once you make up your mind regarding the operating mode, you will have to focus on making the best decision. We found a list made by Horace Rudd which analyzed the best dryers of the moment, and narrowed down the choices to a handful of dryers which are worth every penny. We advise you to take a look at that list in order to make a good choice. However, comparing different dryers implies knowing which features to look for. Below, you will discover some of the most practical and useful features that an electric dryer must have.

A moisture sensor

If you want a device that is energy-saving and efficient, then the moisture sensor is a must-have feature that will detect the level of moisture in the clothes and will shut off the unit when the clothes are dry. This will avoid the clothes getting overdried and will help you save energy. You don’t have to worry about this feature being expensive, as the models under $500 now include a moisture sensor.

Auto-dry cycles

To get the guessing out of drying clothes, you will need your electric dryer to include an auto-dry cycle that will allow you to set the unit to work for more dry or less dry clothes. You will manage to set the unit according to the way you want your clothes to come out of the dryer, like for times when you want to damp iron the sheets or shirts.

Extended tumble

If you can’t get the clothes out of the dryer as soon as the drying cycle is over, you can prevent wrinkles with the help of an extended tumble that will intermittently tumble the clothes. You can set it to start tumbling at certain time intervals and some models can do this for up to three hours.

End-of-cycle signal

Although this looks like more of a fad, a noise signal that will let you know when the cycle is over will prevent clothes from sitting in the dryer for too long. This is very good for busy housekeepers who tend to forget they have laundry in the dryer and the end-of-cycle signal can save them from extra ironing.

A brightly lit control panel

Also a convenience feature, this will make the unit more user-friendly and will take away the hassle from using the dryer in a poorly lit room like the basement. A drum light will also minimize your effort and will help you track down small garments that tend to get lost in the dryer.

Noise dampening

If you use the dryer in a room in the center of the house, a loud noise will certainly make it uncomfortable. A feature that reduces the noise will enable you to use the dryer while the little ones are sleeping and at any time of the day and night.

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