When decorating their house many people opt to use traditional picture for wall decorating. Nowadays instead, many persons that decorate their house choose to use modern ways in walls accessories. Canvases are seen as unique decorating pieces and there is not limit in creating such a piece of art. Every person wants to transform his home to look more inviting. Canvases become very popular lately because they allow people to choose what photos they want to print. The ones that do not know how they should decorate using this art pieces should read the following simple guide of decorating a house using canvases.

Decide the color scheme

People should not decorate their house haphazardly, they should decide a different theme for every room of the house and create a story around that idea. People should use canvases that complement the furniture. They should not select something that will clash with the other things from the room, so if they have a functional and sophisticated room they can use canvases with a mountain landscape.

Decide about the size

Before ordering the print, people should use a square of paper and place it on the wall they want to hang the canvas. They should place there one with exactly the same size, as the piece of art they ordered to see if it looks fine or not. Canvases are usually used in large size, to dominate the whole look of the room. Small ones may look odd. They have to select a wall art that will complete the room design.

Choose the canvas considering the room light

Before choosing a place for their picture, they should look at how the light will complement the artwork. They can use their picture to create a story, under a certain light. The story effect can be achieved by playing with the light and dark elements of the room. They should use pictures that present the room in a positive light. They can choose from a number of themes including nature or abstract prints. They can customize canvases with photos that look stunning. They can use pictures with the loved ones instead of traditional wall art. This is a smart way of decorating the house in a sophisticated way.


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