Luxury patio furniture is a considerable investment as well as a requirement if you want your home to look and feel sophisticated. Whether you choose to go for an understated design or eccentric elements, the results will be worth it and not only will you get to impress your guests, but also provide an oasis of relation for your family. However, since you’ll be paying more, you have to consider quality standards and buy only sustainable items that will not lose their beauty after a couple of weeks of sitting outdoors. This might sound paradoxical, but a high price tag is not the only thing you should consider when looking for luxury. To make sure you buy the best luxury patio furniture, keep in mind these tips and tricks.

Choose a timeless design

Replacing expensive patio furniture every year is not a wise idea. To avoid this, try not to follow seasonal trends when going shopping and go for a classic look. This way, your patio will look just as amazing season after season and you won’t have to replace it. Stick with neutral colors such as beige, black, brown and grey, and if you are keen on achieving a certain trendy style, do this with accessories, because they are cheaper and you can easily swap them without feeling sorry.

How to prevent wear and tear

Outdoor furniture is harder to maintain than indoor furniture, mainly because it is exposed to the elements. This is why, before buying anything (tables, chairs, cushions or pillows), you have to double check that it was meant for outdoor use. Otherwise, it will be completely ruined after the first serious rain. Teak is an excellent choice of material, because it is durable and can withstand even the harshest weather. It is also used on ships, so if it is good enough for those conditions, it is also good for your patio.

Avoid traditional wood

Wood may seem like a tempting idea for patio furniture, especially if you want to achieve a traditional rural look. However, you should avoid this material as much as possible, because it will not last for a long time outside. Wood not only expands in high humidity, but also cracks and loses its shine when exposed to sunlight. Instead, try to look for furniture items that only imitate the look of hardwood. Synthetic materials are an excellent alternative, because they give the same picturesque look, but without the high maintenance.

Last, but not least, remember that a product is not high quality just because it is labelled as “luxury”. Be very selective when refurnishing your patio and double check your provider’s reputation, both online and offline. Don’t ignore the option of buying from an online store if you do not have a good enough showroom near you. Prices are lower online and you may even get a wider variety of colors, items and patterns.


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