While most of us look at the kitchen as a mainly functional space, if you take a look at some home decorating magazines, you will see that the kitchen can be an important part of your overall interior design plan. Whether we like it or not, we have to spend a long period of time in the kitchen. Diets, visiting friends and other events force us to spend several hours in kitchen. To take full advantage of the experience you should have a kitchen suitable to your taste. Here are some exciting kitchen decorating themes.

South American style

According to most home decorating magazines, this seems to be the most popular kitchen theme since it is warm and casual. Regarding kitchen decorating themes, if you want to have a bold kitchen we strongly recommend  the South American style. This style uses a very vivid palette.
For this style you can use colors like red, mustard, blue and green . Red will highlight the somewhat heavy furniture, made of pine or oak with a rustic feel. The furniture must be practical and functional at the same time.
Opt for pots with the same strong colors, a zigzag pattern and round shapes, such as hand-painted clay pots. The same models can also be found on kitchen towels. You can also use small decorations such as colored cushions for chairs, carved wood frames or plants such as cactuses. Decorate a shelf with transparent jars of various shapes and colors, filled with spices.

Mediterranean kitchen

The kitchen surrounded by the colors and freshness specific to Greece will inspire you to cook the most delicious dishes. When it comes to kitchen decorating themes, the Greek theme is one of the most popular.
The furniture can be made of light wood or painted in white. Ceramics and metal objects are popular so confidently expose them on shelves or cabinets.
Paint the walls a shade of bold yellow, a refreshing white, orange or pale blue.
We recommend to place bowls of fresh fruit and colorful plants. Also, use iron chairs, perfect for the Greek atmosphere. A bowl of pebbles of various shapes and sizes will make you think of the blue sea.

Feng-shui kitchen

Although Asian food is well known and appreciated, kitchen spaces does not differ greatly from those in Europe.What makes them special is the calculated position of each piece of furniture after the ancient art of feng shui.
The tradition requires a certain order of arrangement of each piece of furniture, from the location of the refrigerator to the carefully chosen curtains. The aim is to harmonize the space.
For color combinations you can choose all the light colors such as gray and sand.
Everyone likes to enjoy a good tea, which is why it is important to have a tea set in your kitchen. You can opt for a nice set of porcelain with Asian motifs and expose it on the kitchen shelves.
Inspire from Asian cuisine to decorate and accessorize the space. Use wooden trays with floral or animals images and do not forget to bring the chopsticks. All these items can be used as decorative items.

French kitchen

We propose a welcoming kitchen, inspired by southern France, where the beautiful purple lavender fields and herbs are at home.
The essence of rustic French style lies in the color palette: Yellow, mustard, reddish-brown and blue with black and white accents. To get a more rustic theme, use natural materials: a fireplace decorated with bricks and wooden shutters are just a few examples.
The walls painted in yellow will create a sunny and warm atmosphere. The combination of yellow with a bright blue is typical of southern France, so use it with confidence.
The pieces of furniture, painted white, are ideal for tiny kitchens. You can use wood in its natural state, or for a truly authentic opt for old or reconditioned cabinets. As for the appliances, choose simple pieces that can easily be integrated in the cabinetry. For the fridge, opt for a french door model. If you don’t know which units are better, check out the refrigerator reviews. There, you can compare different fridges, based on their design and their features.


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