Masonry defines the construction with stone and it has been used for centuries to create true works of art such as the pyramids and many historical buildings and cathedrals. When thinking about making home renovations or making improvements to both commercial and residential constructions, people should definitely consider hiring a skilled mason from Integrity Masonry. There is a reason for which masonry was heavily used in earlier periods of history and why the things constructed at that time still last to the present day.

Long-lasting constructions

Stone is the most resistant construction material on earth and as mentioned before stone has been used for construction purposes even in ancient times. The reason for which archaic monuments have lasted so long is the fact that stone is not affected by weather conditions or other casualties. In addition to this, it does not require any maintenance or repair work. A scratch or little tear will hardly be visible in the structure of the construction. While wood and other construction material swell or expand due to the hot and cold weather, stone does not. Stone is also capable of facing extreme weather conditions such as rain or tornados without breaking or moving an inch. The sound structure of stone is what makes it so immune to fire. Moreover, the owner does not have to worry about the formation of mould owing to the fact that in the construction process mortar is used to bind the blocks together and a result neither water nor wind will find their way into the facility.

Aesthetic aspect and low costs

The design of the concrete masonry units has a unique visual feature. Masonry units are available in a variety of colors and sizes, so there is no limit to the styles that can be put in practice. It is enough to think about interior and exterior elements such as fireplaces and walls, arches, domes etc. Any building constructed with the use stone is imposing to the viewer, not to mention the fact that the introduction of stone in the home in the form of a classic fireplace or brick wall can make it more appealing and at the same time intimate. The expenses related to building with stone units are quite low during the initial phase and you will save money on further repairs because the final result can last for a lifetime.

A true barrier

Sound transmission is prevented due to the fact that stone acts as a barricade due to the absence of density and keeps the noise outside. In this way, you will enjoy a quiet atmosphere and this is why so many public buildings are made out of stone. In addition to this, stone as a material is able to preserve heat and it is the perfect choice for places where winters are very harsh. In the summer time, stone has the opposite effect meaning that instead of preserving the heat, it refreshes the atmosphere.

To sum up, when it comes to building, stonework not only makes a building or a home distinctive, but has many advantages related to the economy of construction and durability. The material is also green in the sense that the manufacturing process does not consume much energy and in short there are virtually endless possibilities for what someone can get out stone craft.

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