If you have a small house, then storing all your belongings is probably a difficult task. For this reason, you have to take advantage of all the space you have available and one of the best things you could do to that end is use your garage, if you are lucky enough to have one. Most families do that, because this part of their house is not accessible to guests, for instance, so they can “hide” there all the things they want. However, you have to be careful and keep the space clean; otherwise you will end up having a cluttered garage, where nothing can ever be found. In order to keep everything organized, you should start some DIY storage projects, using garage racking systems. These are extremely easy to install and efficient (since they are using the vertical space), so they will enable you to make use of each square centimetre. Forget about having the Christmas decorations mixed with your old clothes or the children’s toys! Here is what you can do in order to keep your garage clean and nice, by using shelving systems:

Use boxes, baskets, jars and cans

The vertical distance between the shelves should be filled with something; otherwise it will be just some wasted space. For this reason, you should group our items by category, and place them in boxes, jars and so on. Instead of having kids’ toys all over the garage, you should put them all in labeled boxes – this will make them easy to find and organized. There are plenty of other containers you can use to store your stuff: baskets are ideal for towels, cloths or large tools, cans and jars are the perfect choice for screws, brushes, or pencils, while bowls can be successfully used for small decorations.


Install some suspended shelves

Hanging the shelves on the ceiling is the ideal option if your space is limited. This out-of-the-way storage idea will give you plenty of space, while also saving floor room. Since it does not come in handy easily, you have to make sure that the ceiling racks are used for objects that you need rarely, such as season decorations or old family heritages. Just use these and your garage will become a clutter free paradise! However, fixing the shelves in the ceiling may be a bit difficult, which is why it is recommended to collaborate with a professional company. This will ensure that you have the racks installed properly and they can support the loads you put there.


Assign each member of the family a shelve

This is extremely important, especially if you have a large family. If everybody has their items all around the garage, it will be practically impossible to find out what they need; not to mention that the search will mess up other people’s stuff. For this reason, if each member has its own box or shelve, it will be much easier for them to manage their storage space. Furthermore, the whole room will look better organized.

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