When you have a big amount of money you may have in mind what to make with them, and surely one of them will be to renovate your condo, but at the same time you may think that investing them in a small business may get to the same effect on long term. The investment you choose to make may prove to be a large one if you want to use the best products on the market. However, by buying quality products you will be sure that you will not have to re-invest in the future years. You can design your dream home, with the amount of money you dispose and obtain a HST rebate on condo, assuring you that an important part from what you invest will come back to you. For obtaining a rebate for the money you spend, you have to make major renovations. These can mean that you need a renovation project that includes all the area from your home.

Upgrade your home by starting with the kitchen. It is believed that the kitchen is the heart of your home and it has to be the first one to be taken into consideration when thinking at renovation. Because you are the owner of a condominium, when renovating your kitchen keep function in mind. Replace the cabinets and appliances, and invest in a stove, cooktop and refrigerator. They may be the most expensive items but new ones worth every penny. Buy a new countertop for your kitchen, in a solid surface like marble or granite and add stainless steel counters. If your budget is not too big, you can replace the expensive version with a cheaper one: wood, stone or ceramic tile are as good as granite for the countertop. The other room you may want to redecorate is your bathroom, where you can buy new countertops, cabinetry, faucets and sinks and light fixtures. For a total redecoration, you can put porcelain coating over the old tile and  buy new appliances.

Other changes that can be made in your condominium can have in view the walls and the ceiling. If you have wallpaper, then it is the perfect time to remove it with a steamer and paint the walls in a creamy neutral. The ceiling is one of the focus point in a house, so say good-bye to the old popcorn ceiling and paint it in a neutral colour. Continue the changes with replacing the old wood floors with real hardwood or use an alternative, is you want something less expensive. Decorate your floor with a modern rug with geometrical pattern. It is advisable to contract a designer that knows how to renovate and understands the building’s system and structure. Take time to plan and get the detailed schedule for deliveries. All these changes will prove to be really expensive, so you will need a rebate after the process is finished, and with the money you get back you can start the small business you put into second plan when you started decorating.

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