Going to college and moving out from your parents’ home may be challenging, but try to see the bright side. You will have the opportunity to decorate your own room, have your private space and enjoy independence like never before. Of course, a lot of freshmen strive to find their place in the first months of college, which is why you must be aware of the fact that accommodation plays a crucial role. Before moving to your new location, you have to think about picking the most suitable alternative and think how you are going to transform the space where you are going to live the following years. Although you have chosen student accommodation Sheffield where you already have all the facilities you need, there are still some details you have to take into consideration if you want to feel comfortable in your new house. But how can you make an empty space feel like your own? Which care the things that actually matter when it comes to creating a cosy home? Read on to find out some suggestions which are extremely easy to implement.

Use decorative pillows and bed covers

In your small student room, the bed will probably be the central element. For this reason, you have to make it as fashionable and personal as possible. To this end, decorative pillows and covers are a great way to borrow it part of your personality and style. The room will immediately look warmer and more welcoming, not to mention that if you get bored, you can simple change the cases and the entire space will have a fresher appearance. Another great benefit of this decorative tip is that fabrics and pillows are quite cheap: purchase plenty of these and you can enjoy their versatile purpose, since they are both aesthetic and functional.

Bring stuff from your home

Your student room will definitely become your second home for at least three years, so you will have to personalise it. You can bring tiny objects and decorations you already own, because these will remind you of home and will help you feel more comfortable in the new house. Your room will instantly become more comforting and welcoming if you place small ornaments, trinkets, customised cups and even fridge magnets around it. Forget about the cold empty space and fill the gaps with everything that represents you. Try to recreate home atmosphere and you will soon feel as if you actually belong in your student condo.

Use the walls

Whether you decide to bring pictures of your family and friends, or these make you feel nostalgic and you prefer posters and landscapes, the walls are your canvas. Hang whatever improves your mood and makes you feel cosy. You can puck huge world maps, a collage of photos or beautiful landscapes of places you would like to visit. All these are tiny pieces of you and will definitely help you transform a house into a home.

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