The brand Bentu Design is a household name among interior design connoisseurs and, with the advent of the minimal decorating trend, it has started to raise the interest of owners looking to add a unique touch to their homes. Launched in 2003 in South China, Bentu Design manufacturers conceptual décor items that seamlessly combine the Asian Zen look with sleek, modern elements. The brand is synonymous with quality and innovation and each of their products are worth the investment, but, if you want to know which their most notable designs are, read the list below.

Pendant lights


Lighting systems are extremely important for a living space and they should be chosen with care, so as to harmonise with the rest of the décor. Most homeowners spend all of their budget on items such as sofas and closets and then buy generic lighting items, but this is can ruin the atmosphere of the room. Pendant lights from Bentu Design are an excellent alternative to traditional lighting options, because they have a simple yet sophisticated look that flatters any room without overshadowing the furniture. They usually come in grey and other neutral colors and are best bought in sets.


Industrial style dining tables


Tables are accent pieces in the dining room, so you should not make compromises and buy something that’s low quality. The dining tables designed by Bentu are minimal with industrial influences, which makes them perfect for modern homes. Their most notable items, such as the Kai table, for instance, combine neutrals with neon colors, and are made from durable materials like concrete and steel. With timeless designs and an impressive build quality, they aren’t just items that look good for a couple of years. On the contrary, you can enjoy your Bentu dining table for decades and rest assured that it will not lose its charm.


Understated office decorations


After you have bought your furniture and lighting systems, it’s time to move on to small decorations that give your house more personality. Bentu has some of the most beautiful office décor; without being flashy, their office lamps, pen holders and vases add a unique vouch and are versatile enough to go with any style. Bentu office decorations are also a great option if you would like your home to have some high quality designer items, but don’t have the budget for dining tables and lighting systems. They are a great way of getting used to the style of the brand and decide if you would like to buy other items from them.

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